Tumble Beans Cafe & Play: More Than a Playground | Medway, MA

It’s a tale as old as time. You want to get out of the house with your kids, but you don’t want to spend all day chasing after them and wearing yourself out. Tumble Beans has come to the rescue with a new concept in indoor play, tucked behind Ocean State in Medway!

Tumble Beans offers a 3-part “special sauce” to making the perfect outing for ages 0-6:

  • A delightful multi-level play structure offering so much more than just ladders and slides
  • Themed rooms with quality wooden toys for endless imaginative fun
  • A full-service cafe with fresh, delicious coffee and tasty bakery treats

This is the very first location for the owners of this visionary destination, and we here at Community Kangaroo were thrilled to have a chance to try it out.

8 Tumble Beans Features Your Kids Will Love:

1Sliding into the giant ball pit

These slides are the perfect size for little kids, but they’re big enough for grown-ups, too (Shh, don’t ask how I know!) There’s plenty of room at the bottom to linger and play around before trying it again… and again.. and again…

2Riding the sit-down zip line

This is a unique feature that my 4-year-old and her friend simply adored! Kids who are bit too young for those hanging zip lines at outdoor playgrounds can navigate this seated version easily.

3Climbing in the two-story play structure

It’s big enough for most adults to fully stand, but I was pleasantly surprised at how rarely that need seemed to arise. My two young kids and most others at the playground navigated the whole thing independently while parents sat back and sipped a coffee!

4Spinning in the teacups

Whether problem-solving a way to spin themselves or taking turns with some teamwork, our kids were delighted with these special spinning teacups that are just the right size for a few new friends.

5Playing in Imaginative Themed Rooms

Four adorable rooms have carefully selected, high-quality toys include STEM/transportation, market, vet clinic, and sensory room. These educational toys from Hape and other top brands provide a great break from the physical activity in the larger play structure.

6Separate infant/crawler play areas

Sitters and crawlers will have just as much fun as the big kids, with two designated areas full of soft blocks and infant toys. Just outside this area is a large wooden bench with many crates of books for cuddly reading time.

7Drop-in classes included in admission!

Flexible weekly classes like creative movement, storytime, sticky stuff, Les Petits Bilingues(French Class) and a working moms’ playgroup are included, with no commitment needed. See the full list of weekly classes here.

8Enjoying delicious coffee and bakery treats!

The coffee at Tumble Beans is on point, with fresh beans ground daily on-site. A whole suite of coffee options are offered, including espresso, lattes, cold brew, and nitro. Bakery items from the nearby Muffin House are sold on site, plus some delicious breakfast and lunch options for kids and grownups alike!

We’ve been to Tumble Beans a few times, and certainly lives up to its tagline of “More Than a Playground!” My often-timid daughter makes new friends there every time, and I’m able to step back and connect with my own friends over some delicious coffee while the kids play. Tumble Beans is the type of place your kids won’t want to leave and will be talking about for days!

Check out the Tumble Beans website for more information about hours, admission, birthday parties and more, and follow them on Facebook for the latest updates!


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