We’re Nearly to Taunton!

We here at Community Kangaroo love to help families find everything nearby in ALL directions. We do cover some events in Taunton now (more about that below), but we don’t have a true “Taunton Region” quite yet.

We’re hoping to build a website and calendar specialized for Taunton

  • This new region would cover all events in Raynham, Norton, Attleboro, Berkley, Lakeville, Rehoboth, and beyond
  • Because of the way our regions overlap, the editor for this region would only need to cover events for a few towns; the others would feed in from our neighboring sites!
  • If you want to help make this a reality and you have a bit of downtime each week (naptime, post-bedtime, etc) to help make it happen, email sharon@communitykangaroo.com for more info!

For now, Taunton is covered on the edge of an active region

  • Our Mansfield-Norton-Easton region covers all events near those three towns, which does include events in Taunton. Check it out here until we have a region with Taunton in the middle of the action!