“songs for seeds” Offers New Rock Band Class in Hopkinton!

Here at Community Kangaroo we’re all about getting the kids out of the house and finding fun, local things to do, so we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tell you about the new songs for seeds class that’s starting in Hopkinton, MA this fall!

songs for seeds is a 3-piece rock band that teaches kids (ages 0-6) valuable concepts like colors, numbers, and phonics while capturing their imaginations and building a love of good music. Whether you’ve heard “Itsy Bitsy Spider” one too many times or just want to expose your kids to the rhythm and fun of live instruments, songs for seeds is a great class to try!

Free demo classes start the week of September 11 (more info here), but Community Kangaroo snagged an early class for our editors and friends so we could pass along some of the fun!

Our kids ranged from 5 months to 5 years old, and every aspect of the class really offered something to each age. Best of all, band members Jay, Laura, and Burton kept the beat and music going through the transition and clean-up times, making it easier to stay focused on the action.

Here’s what the little musicians get to do every week!

1Join the Band

The kids don’t have to sit around waiting to get their little hands busy. Jay welcomes each child by name, then invites the kids to pick out some instruments and play along with the band!

2Match animal parts

With a very catchy song, kids learn about matching and animal sounds by lining up a new animal each week. The band chimes in with a rhythmic reinforcement that “That’s not a match!” or “That IS a match!”

3Fly to a new country

Each week the kids strap on their airplane wings and head to a different corner of the globe. We used our imaginations to fly to Cuba, where we played a set of bongos and learned to say “Hello” in half a dozen different languages.

4Make a picture with shapes

Each child picks out shapes and learns what they are called. They bring them up to Jay, who assembles them into a new picture each week. This week we made a horse!

5Rock out with scarves and bubbles

Classes are treated to a mini rock concert each week with two cover songs of well-known rock hits. We rocked out with scarves and bubbles to tunes like “Tainted Love” [by Soft Cell] and “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” [by KT Tunstall]. Let me tell you, it was a welcome break from the “Wheels on the Bus” we’ve been hearing in the car lately!

6Find a missing number

Every week brings some practice with counting (auditory and visual) plus a chance to practice filling in the blank to find the magic number of the day. As with every part of the class, the music provided by the band does wonders in helping hold the interest of the kids.

7Feel the rhythm

Percussionist Burton brings out a djembe drum each week to help the little musicians practice some rhythm. We clapped along with different beats and knew just what to do when it was our turn to play!

8Learn a magic trick

Each week brings a new magic trick to pique our imaginations. Jay’s latest trick taught us about colors as we helped him change the wand from blue to red.

9Play with the instruments!

At the end of the class the kids are invited up to play with all of the instruments: the guitar, keyboard, and drum set. The band did a great job stepping back and letting the kids explore!



Classes are offered weekdays and Sunday mornings, with just a few spots remaining for the free demo classes the week of September 11. Check out the schedule and learn more here, and use offer code GGP2R9 to save 10% for 6 months, plus 50% off your first month!


Community Kangaroo and our friends were given a free demo class so we could write this article. They also compensated CK’s efforts financially so we can continue to bring you all the great stuff you love about our site! The content of this review is the sole opinion of CK founder Sharon Aigler.