About Community Kangaroo

Finding things to do with your kids should be easy.
So we built Community Kangaroo for other parents like us.

What is Community Kangaroo?

Community Kangaroo is the one-stop-shop for parents in the suburbs of Boston, MA to find local events and info. We list every local kid-friendly event we can find on our calendar, and we pick our favorite events each weekend to highlight in our handy Thursday e-newsletter.

Our maps let you find playgrounds, hikes, farms, birthday parties, and even neighborhood Christmas light displays near you.

When you add in our detailed camp lists and seasonal event highlights, you’ve got all the info you need to win parenting!

Which towns does this region cover?

CK is unique because the regions overlap, giving every town a chance to hear about all the nearby events in all directions.

This region was designed for parents in Marshfield, Duxbury, Kingston, Plymouth, Pembroke, Hanson, Halifax, and Plympton. It’s also our best region for parents to the south, like Carver and Middleboro.

We pull in some of the content from the neighboring regions of Hingham-Scituate-Norwell and the Bridgewater Area, but if you live in those areas (or beyond to the north and west), your best bet is to follow those regions by selecting our town on our homepage to find the region designed for parents in your area.

What’s the origin story of Community Kangaroo?

CK was started in 2015 by Sharon Aigler, a MetroWest Boston mom who hoped to create the ultimate user-friendly local website to make parents’ lives easier. Sharon envisioned a network of knowledgeable moms across Greater Boston who collaboratively build a calendar covering all family-friendly events, big or small.

Who runs this local Marshfield-Duxbury-Plymouth region?

Nicole in Carver runs this region! Nicole is often exploring new places across the Marshfield-Duxbury area with her own family. Sign up for her newsletter to hear her top event picks each week!