Joey Award Winners: South Division

2023 Joey Award Winners

Congratulations to our South Division winners!
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2023 Favorite Book/Toy Store:

Park Street Books, Medfield

2023 Favorite Ice Cream:

Crescent Ridge, Sharon

2023 Favorite Indoor Playground for Toddlers:

Jam Time, Norwood

2023 Favorite Indoor Playground for Big Kids:

Launch Trampoline Park, Norwood

2023 Favorite Gymnastics Classes:

Broderick Gymnastics, Walpole

2023 Favorite Martial Arts Studio:

Perez Martial Arts, Medfield

2023 Favorite Dance Program:

Pointe Première, Medfield

2023 Favorite Art Program:

Heartwork Studio, Walpole

2023 Favorite Theater Program:

Walpole Children’s Theatre

2023 Favorite Music Classes:

Small Singers and Shakers

2023 Favorite Swim Lessons:

Goldfish Swim School, Norwood

2023 Favorite Birthday Party for Young Kids:

Ward’s Berry Farm, Sharon

2023 Favorite Birthday Party for Big Kids:

XtremeCraze, Foxboro

2023 Favorite Family Bakery:

Metaxia’s Sweet Boutique, Medfield

2023 Favorite Summer Camp:

Medfield Parks and Rec

2023 Favorite Preschool:

Medfield Children’s Center

2023 Favorite STEM Program:

Code Ninjas, Medfield

2023 Favorite Custom Gifts:

P.S. I Love You 9821

2023 Favorite Family Photographer:

Nicole McGowan Photography

2023 Favorite Realtor

Katie Morray, The Walsh Team

2023 Favorite Museum (Across All Regions):

Boston Children’s Museum

2023 Favorite Children’s Performer (Across All Regions):

Stacey Peasley

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Congratulations to our 2023 Joey Award Winners! 

With over 2,000 voters across our 3 divisions in the 2023 Joey Awards, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating these winners! We’ll be reaching out to these businesses soon to pass along some ways to celebrate this award.

And a true congratulations to all the nominees! In some categories, as few as 2 votes separated 1st and 2nd place. Everyone involved deserves a round of applause for having such an impact on local families!

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