Our Visit to Jam Time in Norwood!

The wait is over, and parents southwest of Boston are in for a treat! Jam Time opened the doors of their new Norwood, MA location in early February 2018!

Jam Time has two successful locations in Maynard and Natick, and this new Norwood location at 111 Lenox Street has many similarities while adding some unique features as well. All three locations cater to ages 0-6, offering affordable admission, discount multi-packs for open playtime, birthday parties, character visits, classes, and more!

We grabbed a few friends to try out the Norwood Jam Time with us last week, and we’re excited to share some of the fun things we did and saw!

What will your kids do at Jam Time in Norwood?

1Climb and slide on a large wooden playground

All Jam Time locations have sturdy wooden play structures, but the new Norwood location really takes the cake with this fun spiral tube! There are several smaller open slides for kiddos who are still too little for the big tube, but it’s nice to have the option for older kids.

2Imagine, play, and jump the wiggles out

The market and fun delivery truck make for some exciting imaginative play, with a chance for a jumping break in the bounce house to get all the wiggles out. As soon as I took this picture, my son called me over to sit in the truck so he could drive me around town!

3Crawl and roll in the baby area

Sitters and crawlers are tucked away in their own walled off corner, with plenty of age-appropriate toys. The low wall allows parents of multiple kids to keep an eye on the rest of the play space while tending to their pre-walkers!

4Team up to get the job done

The wooden structures have lots of creative features, like this multi-level pulley system.

5Enjoy a rotating assortment of toys

Jam Time rotates their assortment of toys every few months to keep a fresh set of options to enjoy. We loved trying out all the different riding toys, lawn mowers, shopping carts and more.

6Have a ball in the ball pit

After all that running and jumping, there’s nothing like a good ol’ ball pit to roll around in for some fun!

7Have a blast at special events

Jam Time keeps our Community Kangaroo calendar packed with great special events and character visits. Here are the events for February Vacation 2018, and they seem to cook up something extra-fun for every holiday all year long! Check jamtime.com for details, and to register for Monday’s Magic Show (other events during February 2018 vacation week are drop-in)

8Jam and play in some incredible classes

Classes at Jam Time are a great deal, with free open play included in enrollment! Listed above are the Norwood classes starting in March. See jamtime.com to register!


Jam Time’s indoor playground for ages 0-6 is at an excellent location in the Nahatan Place shopping plaza in downtown Norwood (111 Lenox Street). We loved the bright, clean, cheerful atmosphere and can’t wait to go back to play again!


Sponsored posts like this one help keep Community Kangaroo free for everyone. Please thank Jam Time for supporting all our efforts! This review was written by CK founder Sharon Aigler.

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