Future Regions

How it started

Our founder Sharon Aigler in Millis, MA started Community Kangaroo in 2015 while home on maternity leave with a 2-year-old and a newborn. She needed to get out of the house every day and wanted to hear about EVERYTHING going on within driving distance, from the smallest storytimes to the biggest festivals.

How it’s going

Originally Sharon built the calendar to cover about 10 towns west of Boston, but she realized that by working collaboratively, a TEAM of parents could find hundreds of great events that she’d never be able to discover while working alone. Fast forward 8 years, and we’re now a team of 20 parents in the Boston Suburbs listing 1000s of events every month!

Our team currently covers events West of Boston from Dedham as far out as 495 (Acton-Hudson-Northboro-Mendon-Wrentham). And in late 2023 we also added South of Boston from Milton/Quincy down to Plymouth-Middleboro-Taunton-Attleboro. You can find our helpful resource for these areas by choosing your town from the list on our homepage. (Active regions are in blue)

Where we’re headed

In 2024 we’ll be adding locations North of Boston, from Watertown-Arlington-Saugus up to nearly 495 (Billerica-Andover-Topsfield-Ipswich).

Then we’ll aim to fill in the Metro Boston Area (Brookline-Cambridge-Medford-Revere area, plus all Boston neighborhoods)

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We wish we could be everywhere!

We’ve had parents asking us to expand to Central MA, Western MA, South Coast, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & beyond. And believe us when we say we wish this resource could exist everywhere!

But in all honesty, the major expansion outlined above is taking every spare moment of time that we have (and then some). We’re committed to ensuring that when we add a region, we go all-in and cover it well for the long-term. Each editor has a list of 50+ venues to check every month, and we devote lots of time to ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

At this point in time, 30 regions spanning everything within 495 is the most we are able to take on!