EMC Park and Playground in Hopkinton

Shady, Fenced, Multi-Age Playground in Hopkinton

Just one quick turn off the main drag of a quiet neighborhood in Hopkinton, MA lies EMC Park – a hidden gem of parks! As you pull into the secluded, private parking lot, you see a couple of well maintained baseball fields, a skateboard park and, of course, the giant playground. [Approximate address: 131 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA]

At first glance you will notice the cleanliness and upkeep of this fairly new park. The park caters to a wide array of age ranges, but conveniently separates the infant/toddler play area from the older play area with a fence. As the mother of a young toddler I found this very helpful. I could let my child play in a completely fenced in age-appropriate area without worry. On the infant/toddler side, my son and I enjoyed an intricate climber with slides, infant swings, sturdy park benches, and room to run on soft woodchips.

EMC Playground
Fenced-In Toddler Area

On the other side of the playground older children can enjoy a huge climber with over three slides, a number of swings, and monkey bars. The entire park is surrounded by  a paved mini track where kids can ride bikes or parents can stroll babies.

“Big Kid” structure

The park area also includes large picnic tables covered by a canopy convenient for eating lunch at  the park. If you’re looking for a park to spend a day at and are looking to entertain different age groups, this park is for you!

Covered Picnic Area

Quick Look Pluses:

  • Bathrooms (seasonal)
  • Covered picnic area
  • Shade
  • 1.5 miles from Starbucks
  • Fenced in infant/toddler area
  • Baby swings
  • Multi-age structures
  • Quiet Parking Lot

Accessibility Notes:

  • Paved path to edge of play area, which is soft loose wood chips
  • Handicap swing
  • Ramps

GPS-friendly approximate address

131 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA


Written by Gina Keniry
Edited by Sharon Aigler

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