Where and How to View the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Greater Boston

First, some important eclipse details

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 will give Massachusetts its best chance of an eclipse view in several decades. 

Here in Massachusetts we will not be in the path of “totality”, in other words, the moon will not be perfectly aligned with the sun. The path of totality runs west-to-east across northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, and here in Massachusetts we will experience a partial eclipse, with 90-95% blockage of the sun at the peak (around 3:30 pm).

Experienced eclipse-watchers will attest to the fact that the difference between a 90% eclipse and “totality” is very significant, and it will appear more like early dusk rather than near-darkness, but it still is an amazing chance to experience a rare phenomenon right here at home.

Finding Eclipse Glasses in the Boston Suburbs

You absolutely must have ISO-approved eyewear to view the partial eclipse. Learn more about appropriate eyewear on NASA’s eclipse website.

Glasses will be provided at many of the viewing parties listed below. Supplies will be limited, but people may be willing to share. Arrive early, or sign up for one of the events requiring registration.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Parties in Greater Boston:

You need only go out to your yard and look up (with approved eyewear) in order to view the sun as it is eclipsed by the moon, but it can be exciting to experience the event along with others at one of these local events that our team has found:

Chasing Totality

Nothing could possibly compare to the experience of viewing a total eclipse from inside the path of totality, and Massachusetts only picks up a partial eclipse. If you’re able to swing a 3-hour drive each way (plus the potentially-heavy traffic), you could drive as far north as you’re able in New Hampshire or Vermont to reach the path. It would likely need to be a day trip, as lodging is mostly booked solid.

If you’re hoping to stay put and see the full effect of an eclipse from Massachusetts, you’re in for quite a wait. The next eclipse when totality will cross parts of New England (including totality in ALL of Massachusetts!) will come in 2079, when the entire state will experience totality. Who knows whether “93-year-old me” will be around for it, but if my kids still live in Massachusetts as they near retirement (!), they’ll at least be able to tell their own grandkids about what they saw back in 2024 as they prepare for something even better!

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