Creating Ad Images in Canva

See our suggestions and examples for : is a convenient, free tool that can be used to create digital images that meet any size specifications.

Part 1: Create an account and skip tutorials

  1. Navigate to and enter your information to create a free account

2. Skip the option to invite your team

3. Important: skip the option to “Start your first design”, because the Canva templates do not have the correct dimensions for our ad sizes. If there is no “skip” option, re-type in the URL bar or click here while logged in to access the main dashboard.

Part 2: Create a design with custom dimensions

4. Click “Create a design”, then “Custom Dimensions”

5. Enter the desired dimensions:

  • Website Banner Ads:
    • Header 728 x 180 px
    • Sidebar 300 x 250 px
  • E-Newsletter header: 1000 x 500 px

6. Use the tools along the left panel to create your image

  • Uploads to add your own logo and images
  • Background to change the background
  • Text to add text
  • Photos to add free or $1 stock photos
  • Elements > Shapes to add shapes (e.g. to add a box behind your text)

7. Important: add a border if the background is partly or completely white

  • Elements > Type “square” into the search bar
  • Choose the empty square, and resize to fit your image by dragging the sides. Drag partially beyond image boundaries for a thinner border.

Part 3: Download as a PNG file (Please DON’T share with us directly via Canva)

8. Change the name of your image at the top of the page

9. At the top right of the page, click the downward arrow to download your image. Choose “PNG” file (not PDF).

10. The file will save in your downloads folder. Email us and include this file as an attachment.

Happy designing!