Tell us about your local event

1. Check your town’s calendar here to see if we’ve already included it
Choose the appropriate calendar, then click on the date in blue just above the calendar to look ahead.
2. Check here to see if your event qualifies for complimentary inclusion
We list most one-time events (not multi-week commitments) that are open to the public and answer the question “Mom, Dad, where’s a fun place to go today?”, but check the link for our full criteria.
3. Fill out this form to send the details to our team of editors if your event qualifies but is not yet listed. Note that we enter most events during the 2nd half of the prior month.

Be on our maps and lists

There’s no charge for businesses to list one-time events on our calendar, birthday parties on our party map, camps on our detailed list, or drop-in playtimes on our activities map.

If you’re hoping to add an event to our calendars, please use the form mentioned above. We don’t have the capacity to accept event submissions via email!

But if you would like to add your business to our Birthday or Activities Map, add your camp to our Camps List, or you have another addition to one of our non-calendar pages, please Contact Sharon to tell us what we can add!

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