Hop Local: Butterfly Aviary in Holliston, MA

Our neighborhood was hit hard by the gypsy moths this summer, so we were excited for a chance to get out of the house and see some beautiful Monarch butterflies at The Butterfly Aviary just down the road in Holliston, MA!

Butterfly Aviary Holliston MA

A Free Local Gem

There is no admission fee to this little building nestled next to the community farm, although donations are welcome and necessary to keep it running. We were the only ones when we stopped by on a sunny July afternoon. The room was filled with Monarch butterflies darting from plant to plant, with many fluttering around the walls and ceiling, and there was helpful information posted about butterfly diets, life stages, and more.

Flowers in Holliston Aviary

Recommended Ages: 5+

There are several rules for the protection of the animals, and I quickly realized that this was not an ideal outing for toddlers. The keepers of the aviary requested careful stepping, as butterflies could be resting on the floor. There was no running allowed, and no catching or touching the butterflies.

My preschooler did reasonably well with the rules, but I would say that grades K+ would get the most out of this outing. My 2-year-old was not cooperative (no animals were harmed, but his main focus was picking up the pebbles from the floor to carry around), and we ended up scooting out after just a few minutes in the aviary.

Butterfly aviary in Metrowest

Getting There

The Butterfly Aviary is located behind Pinecrest Golf Club [212 Prentice St, Holliston MA]. Enter through their main entrance, then drive straight back past the club to the rear parking lot. The aviary is a small building next to the community garden.

The aviary opens for the season in mid-July. Check the Holliston in Bloom FB group or the Holliston Agricultural Commission page for the dates of each season.

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