We’re planning to add the Downtown Boston Area

We’re planning to add a new Community Kangaroo region that would help parents in Boston’s Downtown, North End, West End, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, South End, and South Boston find ALL the local kid-friendly events, including those in nearby towns & neighborhoods like Cambridge, Brookline, JP, East Boston, and Dorchester!

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About Community Kangaroo

Community Kangaroo is a free event calendar, collectively maintained by 24 moms in the Boston area who strive to ensure that parents can find ALL the kid-friendly events near them within driving distance every day of the year.

It was started in 2015 by Sharon Aigler, a Millis MA mom, who was newly home with two young kids and wanted to find library events every weekday, plus fun community events for the weekends and performers on vacation weeks.

Up until 2023 we were a “west of Boston” resource, but in early 2024 we doubled in size to cover the South Shore and North Shore, wrapping completely around Boston with a comprehensive calendar of events in the suburbs. We are so excited for the final phase of adding “Metro Boston” (including the neighborhoods in the heart of Boston), but we want to be sure we’re doing things right, so we’re taking a breather to be sure we have our systems fully in place before adding the final few towns & neighborhoods.

Until this new region is ready, you can get a feel for what Community Kangaroo is all about (and find some fun events that are a bit to your west) on our active Dedham-W.Roxbury-Roslindale Region

We’re (eventually) going to need someone to run this region!

We’ll be looking for a local resident to lead the way in this new region– someone who lives in Boston, who is connected with the “parenting scene” in the area, and who has a few hours of downtime each week (for example, when the kids are napping). Once we’re ready, we’ll teach this ambassador to track down events for the calendar and locations for the maps. This bite-sized role does pay a bite-sized stipend; enough to pay for weekly swim lessons and a karate class, for example.

If this interests you, be sure you’ve subscribed (above), as we’ll reach out to our full email list with details about applying for the position once we’re ready to get started with this new region!