Dedicated E-Blast Guidelines


  • Up to 3 images
    • PNG or JPG format
    • Largest dimension may not exceed 1200 pixels
    • We suggest square or landscape images– not taller than the width — so that the image doesn’t take up an entire phone screen, which can make readers less likely to notice what is below the image.
  • Up to 2 Call to Action buttons
    • Tell us the text and URLs, and we can create the buttons on our end
    • We’ll grab your brand colors to use for the buttons. Optionally, you can specify color codes if you’d like.
  • Your copy (text)
    • We suggest 100-200 words for the best chance of reader retention.
    • 250 is the maximum word count for copy
  • Your email subject line
    • Must contain business name
    • Business name must begin within the first 25 characters

Additional Note: “We” and “Us” may not be used in the advertiser’s content unless it is clearly referring to the advertiser. This includes the subject line.

  • Acceptable: “We here at the YMCA invite you to join us for an open house”
  • Not acceptable: “Join us for an open house at the YMCA”
    • Reason: It sounds like Community Kangaroo is writing the message. E-blast copy should be in the voice of the advertiser.

See these e-blast examples: